Eclipse Irrigation sprinkler installation services:

Making the choice to install an automatic lawn sprinkler system may be a difficult decision, but choosing the right company to install it doesn’t have to be. Let Eclipse Irrigation handle all the details. For almost 3 decades, Eclipse has been helping homeowners with sprinkler installations and has been delivering turn-key irrigation solutions and service in the New Jersey area.

The process is simple and straight forward.

  • A certified designer will develop an irrigation plan for your landscaping based on your input, the available water pressure and volume, site conditions such as sun, shade, wind, existing trees and landscape conditions.
  • The system will be measured off and “flagged out” in the morning according to the designer’s plan and the foreman will make any necessary site condition adjustments required.
  • A highly trained sprinkler installation specialist will install your irrigation system (in most cases within one day) with special pipe laying equipment.
  • All walkways and driveways will be crossed underneath without disturbing them at all
  • Your new sprinkler system will be thoroughly flushed, adjusted and checked for proper operation

You’ll receive a full demonstration and training on your new irrigation system.